“My friend said to me, “The band is incredible, do they ever stop?”  You guys had been playing full out for 90 minutes and I don’t even think there was even a break between songs!” – Happy Groom, 2017

Grooveyard is a Toronto based band with a an unmatched energy, and a repertoire that ranges from classic funk, r&b, and soul, to current pop, reggae, classic rock, jazz, and everything in between.  The band can doing Bruno Mars one minute, a great Motown medley the next, and then be mashing Michael Jackson into The Weeknd into Bob Marley.  Together for 20 years, the band has literally delighted thousands of corporate and social event clients, and is always committed to keeping the dance floor packed and listeners impressed at the quality of the band’s musicianship.  The band is more than great music, it’s a collective of musicians who understand events and crowds, and are happy to share their many observations on what makes a great event!

Grooveyard is made up of  some of Toronto’s best musicians,  all great friends who genuinely have a lot of fun playing together.The band is able to switch seamlessly from one song to another without stopping, and there is very little reliance on sheet music. Our goal is to keep the dancing continuous, and any client who has hired us knows how hard the band works to deliver a great night!

Grooveyard does a huge variety of events, and alongside the many parties and weddings the band has done, and its corporate clients include Raymond James Financial Services, The CFL Grey Cup Festivities, TSN, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, and the band was even hired as the after-show group for guitarist Trey Anastasio (Phish).

We can provide both traditional and non-traditional music for wedding ceremonies and clients are encouraged to choose music that is personal (ranging from classical music to jazz to religious music to pop).  If a client chooses music we don’t know, we will learn it! For cocktails we usually provide a jazz trio featuring guitar, upright bass, and saxophone, with vocals as an option. The trio performs an eclectic mix of music, and has a bit more presence than solo piano, which is also an option.  We always ensure the music and the volume is appropriate to the situation.

Grooveyard usually performs as a 6-9 piece band (determined by the client’s budget and the preferences), but can also shrink to a  3-5 piece group for more intimate events.  We will always try to give you the best night we can within your budget, and we take care of any recorded music too. Grooveyard charges a four hour minimum, not including wedding ceremonies and cocktails, and depending on the circumstance (e.g. covering gas for travel out of town) there may be additional charges on a case by case basis. Contact us and we’ll give you a few options and a quote.


Grooveyard Photos    Send Michael an email at or phone 416 904-5494