Professional Musicians with no time for Blogging!

The musicians in Grooveyard are all full-time pros.  As musicians, we're pretty used to getting these questions:

-So is this all you do, or do you have a day-job?
-Is this how you make your living?
-Do you have a teaching job?
-So how often do you work?

Now, making a living playing music is unpredictable, and certainly not as easy as some lines of work, but most musicians I know don't think in those terms.  After a while, the unpredictability becomes normal, and more importantly, after a while there are enough projects and performances on the go that our days become very full.  In fact, a friend of mine who is one of the busiest musicians around, plus full time faculty at a music college bristles at the image of the musician sitting around practicing. He says, "when we're on tour, we get up at crazy hours, drive or fly or both to do a soundcheck, rush dinner, do a concert where we give everything, pack up, often eat a late dinner, then go to bed late, and do it again the next day. How many of your friends could handle that?" 

I do teach part-time at a few colleges around town, and I often tell my students that they need to learn to practice things whenever a few minutes present themselves, because once they are out of school and working (and raising families on top of that) they simply will not have big chunks of time.  Which brings me to blog time...

I could easily spend the day at my computer exchanging email with clients and presenters and fellow musicians, and never even touch my instrument.The nature of our business now demands that on top of the time where we are actually playing music or communicating about our work,  we are all supposed to be very active on social media.  I'm not bad ( is where I mostly maintain a presence), but between the different groups I work with, and promoting my own albums, it's tough to update everything all the time.  All of which is to say, Grooveyard is filled with busy professional musicians, so please excuse us for not always adding to our web site (it's a reminder that we are better musicians than web page updaters, but hopefully that's seen as a good thing)!


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